Why DAN as ConEd classes?

As a scuba and a DAN Instructor I am asked by students and fellow instructor: “Why take DAN classes?” They are not dive classes in the classic, get in the water and do skills kind of classes. DAN classes are of a different flavor. They are dry classes.

For the student diver or in DAN terminology/Providers: Your knowledge of dive related medical emergencies will increase exponentially. The classes build your confidence to react to a diving medical emergency, be it a spine puncture from a sea urchin or a decompression illness event. DAN classes teach basic Life support skill (CPR & 1st Aid), how and when to administer oxygen, marine life injury 1st aid, even, how and when to take a blood pressure. These are skill that you never want to have to use, but would it not be nice to know what to do if you needed them? Moreover, with most classes you will learn more about DCI and how to limit your risk. When diving with a commercial operation, one would hope that the crew knows what to do in case of an emergency; this may not always be the case. Armed with the knowledge from these classes you will know if proper care is being administered. Finally, as an active diver you want to surround yourself with dive buddies who can assist you in case of an emergency.
For the Instructor, why would you not want to offer DAN classes to your students? DAN classes offer you a chance to provide classes year round. Keeps your students interested in training and teach them skills that could save a life. DAN classes work well as stand alone classes but I have had better experience in making them value added classes. For a minimum increase in the price add DEMP to your rescue class. Your students will finish class with two certifications and more knowledgeable in how to use oxygen and taking care of hazardous marine life injuries. Add BLS Pro to you Dive Master Program, this will provide them with a BLS review and new skills that could save a life., maybe even yours.
Isn’t your goal as an instructor to train safe and confident divers? DAN classes will help you in those goals.