TEC Sidemount

What is it?

This course introduces and develops the base motor skills and knowledge to use sidemount in a technical dive. This course can stand alone or be integrated into Tec40, 45 or 50.

What will we do?                                        13233024_1038111496243569_2544753830971135126_n

  • Intro to technical diving
  • Tec Sidemount with 2, 3 and 4 tanks
  • Gas Management
  • Emergency procedures

How long will it take?

  • About 40 hours
  • Classroom and practical
    • 1 Confined or limited Openwater dive (8-30ft)
    • 4 Openwater Dives (30-100ft)


  • Be a PADI Advanced Open water diver (or equivalent)
  • Have a minimum of 30 logged dives
  • 18 Years old
  • Medical Statement (physician’s approval to dive is required only if the student answers YES to a question on the PADI® Medical Statement)
  • You do not need to be a recreational sidemount diver.

Equipment Needed:

  • BCD and harness configured for technical sidemount diving and backup buoyancy control*
  • Exposure Protection appropriate for the environment
  • 4 cylinders configured for sidemount. Each with independent regulators, each with SPG.
    • 2 cylinders of a size and type appropriate as main cylinders.
  • The right main must have 5-7foot (1.5-2 meter) second stage hose. One 1st stage must have a LP hose for the BDC.
  • 2 cylinders for stage/decompression
  • Dive computer and additional timing device for use with dive tables
  • Reel/Spool with 100 ft. line
  • Lift bag (100 lb lift)
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Cutting Device (2 preferred)

* Student must have a reliable means for controlling buoyancy and maintaining decompression stops in midwater with a failed primary BCD. This is usually accomplished with a backup BCD (double wings) or dry suit.

Price Include:

  • Materials
  • Certification
  • Gases
  • 2 tank boat

Students are responsible for: *

  • All Equipment to include tanks

* Traveling to Honolulu or missing equipment? Discuss with your instructor.

Price: $889 ($335 if already Side Mount Certified)