Decompression Procedures

What is it?
This course examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving. It is designed as a stand-alone course or it may be taught in conjunction with such TDI courses as Advanced Nitrox or Extended Range. The main objective is to train divers how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive not exceeding the maximum depth of 150 fsw unless taught in conjunction with the TDI Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range course.

What will we do? (Overview)

  • Overview of decompression
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Options
  • Equipment considerations
  • Dive tables vs. Computer
  • Dive planning
  • Procedures:

Open Water Skills:

  • Properly analyze all gas mixtures and label cylinders
  • Demonstrate adequate pre-dive planning
  • Properly execute the planned dive within all pre-determined limits
  • Monitoring of decompression status equipment
  • Contingency Situation & Problem Solving
  • Correctly deploy a lift bag using a dive reel and/or up-line
  • Demonstrate (simulated) emergency gas sharing
  • Demonstrate emergency deployment of a backup regulator or bailout scuba system
  • Demonstrate the proper deployment, management and use of the bottom mix
  • Demonstrate buoyancy control and awareness throughout the dive.

How long will it take?

  • Classroom/Briefings- Approximately 3+ hours
  • Open water dives- 4 (with a minimum accumulated bottom time of 100 minutes).


  • Minimum age is 18
  • 25 logged dives or the equivalent at the discretion of the instructor, in the environment in which the course is being presented
  • The instructor has final approval authority on accepting anyone into the class even though minimum prerequisites have been met.
  • Nitrox recommended

Equipment Needed:

  • Primary cylinders- volume appropriate for planned dive and gas consumption with reserve gas (Doubles recommended)
  • Decompression Mix Cylinders- volume appropriate for the planned dive and student gas consumption with gas reserve. SPG’s required on stage cylinder/regs. Cylinders labeled in accordance with TDI standards
  • Primary and back up depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and/or dive computer. Regulators-
  • Primary and alternate second stage required on all primary cylinders. SPG’s are required on all cylinders
  • BCD adequate for equipment configuration
  • Jon-line and other rigging lines as dictated by site conditions
  • Reel/spool with lift bag/surface marker buoy. Line on reel adequate for planned depth. Minimum 50lb lift bag
  • Exposure suit adequate for maximum planned depth
  • Cutting Device
  • O2 analyzer (may be supplied by the instructor)
  • Underwater slate
    ***If using doubles/twin tank kits: isolator manifold with two regulators. 7′ hose to be on the primary regulator. DIN valve manifolds preferred

Fees Include

  • E-Learning
  • Certification
  • Gases
  • 2x 2 Tank Boat Dives

Students are responsible for: *

  • All Required Equipment to include tanks

* Traveling to Honolulu or missing equipment? Discuss with your instructor.

Price: $729

Combine with Extended Range: $1,298

  • Student Pays for all Gases and dives